Grundfos JP Pump | 4-47 PM1

Instore Models:

  • JP 3-42 PM1 – Small Size Garden Pump
  • JP 4-47 PM1 – Medium Size Garden Pump
  • JP 4-54 PM1 – Small House 1 Bathroom
  • JP 5-48 PM1 – Large House 2 Bathroom

Water source

  • Above ground water tanks
  • Below ground water tanks
  • Clean water dams
  • Shallow wells or bores



JP 4-47 PM1 – Medium Size Garden Pump

The Grundfos Jet Pump range comprises of three configurations, all built on the robust self-priming Grundfos JP Pump.


Designed to have excellent suction lift capabilities, the Grundfos Jet Pump is able to draw water up to 8 metres vertically from below the level of the pump. This makes it perfect for pumping water from below ground tanks, dams and shallow wells.


Excellent corrosion resistance is ensured inside and out with a stainless steel pump housing and composite impeller material.


  • Home water supply
  • Garden irrigation
  • Water transfer

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