Trailco T-100

•Drive Unit – Powered by rotating sprinkler arms through a gear train and worm drive to cable drum.Simple and efficient.
•Travel Speed Adjustment – A simple operation by varying the angle of the rotating sprinkler arm jets and available pressure.
•Automatic Shut-off – The water supply at the sprinkler is automatically shut off at end of run.
•Longer Life – Gears are made of gunmetal and the chassis is hot dip galvanised.
•Cable Rewind Handle – For easy cable retrieval on an aborted run.
•Hose Reel – For storage of hose when not being used and for shifting from one area to another.


Capable of watering an area 165m long and 52m wide per run with no further attention.
Hose Size: 67m of 38mm (1½inch)