Trailco T-250


Trailco-Proven Piston Drive – Efficient Trailco patented piston drive, with virtually no pressure loss through the drive system, giving you big savings on your yearly pumping costs. Less maintenance, no sprockets and chains to wear, no gear boxes, belts or pulleys to malfunction.
•Drive Unit having large powerful double action piston and a mechanically actuated valve (All Gunmetal & Stainless Steel construction). Single Main valve with no pilot and shut off valves, that gives you simple, trouble free and reliable operation. The piston is double acting, giving positive power with each stroke of the piston (no lost motion) ensuring that all of the power developed is used to power the cable drum. Also provides a wide range of travel speeds to suit your particular crop water requirements.
•Compact Concept with very short turning circle for easier handling, mounted on four wheels for stability.
• Longer Life – All main parts galvanised or plated for maximum protection.
•Angus Dragmaster Irrigation Hose, top quality irrigation hose which carries a 10 year warranty.
•Automatic Shut-Off – The forward movement of the irrigator is stopped automatically by the automatic shut-off mechanism at the end of the spray run.
• Constant Travel Speed means excellent water uniformity. Speed adjustment by controlling exhaust water from the piston drive with a ball valve and exhaust jets. The exhaust jets are angled for wide distribution of exhaust water.
• Steering Mechanism – Accurate automotive type steering mechanism for maximum stability and excellent tracking.
• Cable Drum Brake–prevents over-run and possible damage when towing out cable.