Trailco T-50

Capable of watering an area 120m long and 36m wide
per run with no further attention.
Hose Size: 55m of 25mm (1inch)


•Drive Unit – Powered by rotating sprinkler arms through a gear train and worm drive to cable drum. Simple and efficient.
•Travel Speed Adjustment – A simple operation by varying the angle of the rotating sprinkler arm jets and available pressure.
•Automatic Shut-off –
The water supply at the sprinkler is automatically shut off at end of run.
•Longer Life – Gears are made of gunmetal and the chassis is hot dip galvanised.
•Cable Rewind Handle – For easy cable retrieval on an aborted run.
•All brass sprinkler and range of nozzle sizes.
•Cable anchor stake supplied with Traveller as standard.
•Cover protecting drive mechanism.
• Folding handle allows easy repositioning of Traveller.
• Easy to service